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Getting Started with Flexify

Find out how to create auto-synced Facebook Product Catalogs that enable Dynamic Product Ads, Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping (psst… works with Google and Bing too).
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Configure your Product Feed

Read first before starting using the Flexify app

Connect your Flexify feed correctly to your Facebook Product Catalog
Updated Mar 15, 2022

Using the Flexify feed for Facebook and Instagram shops

Find the best solution for your store
Updated Apr 20, 2022

Where and how do I upload my product feed URL?

Upload your feed to your Facebook Catalog Manager/Commerce Manager
Updated May 13, 2022

Can I have a multi-language feed and a multi-currency feed?

Setup your catalog with our localization feature
Updated May 13, 2022

Content of the Product Feed

What data from Shopify can be pulled into the Facebook Product Feed?
Updated May 14, 2021

Can videos be used in the feed?

Explaining how to use videos in the Facebook catalog
Updated Feb 24, 2021

Google Product Categories

Having a google_product_category for each product in your feed is recommended by Facebook.
Updated Sep 17, 2021

Include First/Cheapest Available Variant vs. Include All Variants

Explaining the difference between Flexify variants options
Updated Aug 9, 2021

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Titles and Descriptions

You can use your search engine optimized titles and descriptions instead of the regular ones.
Updated May 18, 2022

Setting the Base Collection

You can generate a unique feed for any Shopify collections
Updated Sep 2, 2021

Can I use your feed for Google as well? What about Pinterest, Instagram?

Feed works with Google, Pinterest & Instagram.
Updated Sep 2, 2021


Shopify Variants vs. Facebook Products

Variants, Products, Product Groups - what's the difference?
Updated Aug 9, 2021


Which currencies are supported?
Updated Sep 2, 2021

Limitations of the free version

The free version of the app is limited to 1000 Shopify products in your feed
Updated Dec 13, 2019


Segments are subsets of products filtered by tag or collection
Updated Sep 2, 2021

Sync Time

By default your feed is updated once per day. On the premium plans hourly sync is available.
Updated Sep 2, 2021

Migrating from Shopify Facebook Sales Channel to Flexify

Pros and Cons
Updated Jan 10, 2022

Collections, Segments & Product Sets

Excluding certain products

Use Facebook products sets or Shopify collections to filter out certain products from your catalog
Updated Jan 7, 2022

Custom Collection

Do I have to use the default collection?
Updated Sep 23, 2019

Synchronize Multiple Collections

By default Flexify either exports all products or a single collection. Use segments to export multiple collections.
Updated Sep 2, 2021

SuperFeed Documentation (Latest)

User Interface Overview

A quick intro to your Flexify Admin page & all the settings you can modify on it.
Updated Sep 21, 2019

Product Feed URL

Use your SuperFeed URL to import your products into Facebook, Instagram, Google or Pinterest
Updated Sep 20, 2019

Select Collection & Variants

Selecting the right collection & product variants will influence how many items show up in your Product Feed.
Updated Aug 4, 2020

Set Product & Price

This section explains the settings available to modify your product titles & prices.
Updated May 28, 2021

Optimize Images

Optimize your images to avoid showing badly cropped images in your ads.
Updated Aug 4, 2020

Schedule Feed Generation

Schedule the time at which your feed is generated every day.
Updated Sep 21, 2019

Product Segments [paid feature]

Use product segments to target ads to specific tags or collections by creating product sets on Facebook or product group subdivisions on Google.
Updated Apr 5, 2022

Inventory Override

Override your product inventory with a specific value
Updated May 19, 2020

Faster Sync Times

Faster sync times are available on the small, medium & large plans
Updated Sep 2, 2021

Segmentation by collection [paid feature]

How to use product segments to target ads to specific collections by creating product sets on Facebook?
Updated Feb 4, 2022

Segment your products by tag [paid feature]

How to create on Facebook product segments filtered by Shopify tag?
Updated Feb 4, 2022

Product preview page

Manage Facebook data for a single product.
Updated May 9, 2022



A quick explainer of what Flexify allows you to do.
Updated Oct 4, 2019

Sync Products to Google

Sync Products to Google
Updated Feb 14, 2022

Create a Black Friday Promo on Facebook with Flexify

Create a Black Friday Promo on Facebook with Flexify
Updated Oct 16, 2019

Standalone & Extension mode

You can switch modes later at any time and even run both modes in parallel.
Updated May 24, 2022

Add Flexify as a supplementary feed (extension mode)

Flexify can be added to existing Facebook catalogs as a supplementary feed.
Updated May 19, 2022