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FAQ & TroubleShooting

Common problems & error messages and how to fix them
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What are the advanced (paid) features that come with the premium version of the app?

Setting a tax rate or sale price (Premium feature)

If your prices in shopify don’t include tax or sales but you want your prices in your facebook feed to be modified
Updated May 28, 2021

Sales Price and Compare-at price (Premium feature)

Add Price, Strikethrough Price, or Percentage Off Overlays to your dynamic ads.
Updated Aug 9, 2021

Unit Prices (Premium feature)

Add information about how units of a product variant are measured to your feed
Updated Jun 2, 2021

Specify Product Images (Premium feature)

You can specify which product images should be used in the feed
Updated Apr 27, 2021

Automatic Image Resizing (Premium feature)

Don’t you hate it when your product images get cropped in your facebook ads?
Updated Sep 26, 2019

Additional_image_link (Premium feature)

Specify more than one image
Updated Feb 9, 2021

FAQ & TroubleShooting

I can't map a Shopify collection to a Facebook product set

Do you want to map a Shopify collection to a Facebook product set one to one?
Updated Sep 26, 2019

My products seem to be added more than once to the catalog!

Why is that? And what can I do?
Updated Aug 9, 2021

Missing Property: google_product_category is missing

This is just a warning and can safely be ignored. Still, if you want to fix it read on.
Updated May 11, 2020

This product already exists in the catalog: id

The most common reason for this error is that you have somehow added the same feed more than once to your Facebook product catalog.
Updated Sep 26, 2019

I get an "Property gtin is incorrectly formatted" error

The gtin/mpn property is populated with the barcode or variant_sku options from your shopify store.
Updated Sep 26, 2019

I get an "Invalid Character" error

That should not happen. Or only in rare cases. If it does, congratulations, you found a bug!
Updated Sep 26, 2019

I need guidance

Needing help setting up the app
Updated Sep 23, 2019

Double Escaping Problem

Using third-party tool (other than Facebook) to process the feed
Updated Sep 22, 2019

Shopify Lite

Can I use the app with Shopify Lite?
Updated Sep 22, 2019

Products won't sync

I added new products but they are not showing up
Updated Sep 23, 2019

I can't map a Shopify collection to a Facebook product set

Filter rules
Updated Dec 9, 2020

Can GIF's be used?

jpegs instead of GIF's
Updated Sep 22, 2019

Does Flexify modify my Shopify theme?

Do I have to do anything if I want to update my Shopify theme?
Updated Sep 26, 2019

How frequently do my products sync?

Once every 24h.
Updated Dec 18, 2019

Facebook Error: Scheduled Uploads Paused

In November 2019 Facebook changed their policy wrt. broken feeds. It will now pause your feed uploads when it encounters an error for 7 consecutive days. This doc explains how to fix that error.
Updated Nov 9, 2019

Facebook Error: Multiple Data Feeds

Facebook sometimes complains about multiple data feeds containing the same products. To resolve this, please remove the native Shopify feed from your Facebook account.
Updated Nov 24, 2021

I get an "The availability of this product is 'in stock' but its inventory is equal to 0." error message

This error is cause by using inventory management on Shopify & allowing out-of-stock products to be sold
Updated Jul 23, 2020

Can I have multiple feeds?

No. You don't need multiple feeds. You want to leverage product_sets on Facebook instead.
Updated Aug 4, 2020

Error message: This selected collection might contain products that are not publically available

Why do I receive this message? And what can I do?
Updated Feb 24, 2021