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FAQ & TroubleShooting

Common problems & error messages and how to fix them
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What are the advanced (paid) features that come with the premium version of the app?

Setting a tax rate (Premium feature)

If your prices in shopify don’t include tax or sales but you want your prices in your facebook feed to be modified
Updated Sep 14, 2022

Unit Prices (Premium feature)

Add information about how units of a product variant are measured to your feed
Updated Jul 6, 2023

Automatic Image Resizing (Premium feature)

Don’t you hate it when your product images get cropped in your facebook ads?
Updated Sep 26, 2019

Prices without decimals (Premium feature)

Show your product prices without decimals in your feed
Updated Apr 11, 2022

Support Shipping information in metafields (Premium feature)

Do you need to provide shipping information for some products in the feed? Add this information in the feed using our option to attribute mapping rules.
Updated Apr 13, 2022

FAQ & TroubleShooting

I can't set up my Facebook supplementary feed

"Supplementary feed could not be created" warnings
Updated Sep 18, 2023

I can't map a Shopify collection to a Facebook product set

Do you want to map a Shopify collection to a Facebook product set one to one?
Updated Jun 20, 2023

I get a "no additional images" warning on my Flexify Feed Quality Page

Here’s What It Means and How to Address It
Updated Jun 21, 2023

Resolving the "Missing Required Attribute 'description'" Warning on my Flexify Feed Quality Page

Encounter the "missing required attribute 'description'" warning in your Flexify feed quality page? Here's a detailed guide on how to swiftly resolve this using Shopify's structure and Flexify's functionality.
Updated Oct 12, 2023

My products seem to be added more than once to the catalog!

Why is that? And what can I do?
Updated Aug 9, 2021

Missing Property: google_product_category is missing

This is just a warning and can safely be ignored. Still, if you want to fix it read on.
Updated May 11, 2020

Navigating the "Product Type 'XX' is Not Mapped to a Google Product Category" Warning

How to Set Up the Google Product Category to Multiple Products at Once with the Flexify Mapping Rules
Updated Jun 21, 2023

Resolving Flexify Feed Quality Warnings: "Unknown Google Product Category" and "Unsupported Attribute for the Selected Google Product Category" Errors

How to Handle the Errors
Updated Jun 21, 2023

Why do I receive a "No Shopify Product Type" warning on my Flexify Feed Quality Page?

Learn how to tackle the “No Shopify Product Type” warning with Flexify
Updated Sep 13, 2023

This product already exists in the catalog: id

The most common reason for this error is that you have somehow added the same feed more than once to your Facebook product catalog.
Updated Sep 26, 2019

I get an "Invalid Character" error

That should not happen. Or only in rare cases. If it does, congratulations, you found a bug!
Updated Sep 26, 2019

I need guidance

Needing help setting up the app
Updated Sep 23, 2019

Double Escaping Problem

Using third-party tool (other than Facebook) to process the feed
Updated Sep 22, 2019

Shopify Lite

Can I use the app with Shopify Lite?
Updated Sep 22, 2019

Products won't sync

I added new products but they are not showing up
Updated Sep 23, 2019

Can GIF's be used?

jpegs instead of GIF's
Updated Sep 22, 2019

Does Flexify modify my Shopify theme?

Do I have to do anything if I want to update my Shopify theme?
Updated Jun 20, 2023

How frequently do my products sync?

Once every 24h.
Updated Dec 18, 2019

Facebook Error: Scheduled Uploads Paused

In November 2019 Facebook changed their policy wrt. broken feeds. It will now pause your feed uploads when it encounters an error for 7 consecutive days. This doc explains how to fix that error.
Updated Nov 9, 2019

I get an "The availability of this product is 'in stock' but its inventory is equal to 0." error message

This error is cause by using inventory management on Shopify & allowing out-of-stock products to be sold
Updated Jul 23, 2020

Can I have multiple feeds?

No. You don't need multiple feeds. You want to leverage product_sets on Facebook instead.
Updated Aug 4, 2020

Error message: This selected collection might contain products that are not publically available

Why do I receive this message? And what can I do?
Updated Feb 24, 2021

Unauthorized error: Resolving Meta's Feed Access Issue

Encountering an unauthorized error with the feed on your Facebook catalog? Discover the reasons behind these issues and steps to correct your data feed settings for smooth uploads.
Updated Nov 6, 2023