Meta Product Catalog Fields - Enhanced Documentation

This page provides a comprehensive and accurate guide to Meta's Catalog Fields.

Issues with Meta's Existing Catalog Documentation

The current documentation from Meta often has synchronization issues with their APIs, contains errors, and lacks user-friendly navigation.

Problems with the official docs

  1. Attribute Name Errors: Some attribute names are incorrectly documented. For instance, "height" is documented as "product_height", and "sport" should be "activity" under the "clothing" category.
  2. Incorrect Attribute Values:
    1. Value Type Mismatch: Certain attributes are mislabeled in terms of type, like "sleeve_length_style" which is an enum but documented as a string.
    2. Inaccurate Allowed Values: (Todo: Mention enums in "standard_features").
    3. Inconsistent Value Types: Attributes vary in type across different subverticals. For example, "activity" is a string in "shoes_and_footwear" but a list of strings in "watches".
  3. Missing Attributes: Certain attributes are not included in the documentation, such as "standard_features" in the "camera" category.
  4. Unsupported Attributes: Some documented attributes are not supported by the API, like "earring_drop_length".

Our enhanced documentation is compiled by analyzing Meta's documentation, their schema specification, Catalog preview UI, and, crucially, validating this information against their actual product feed API.

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